Myopia is manifested by blurred vision at distance, the near sight being normal.
It can be present from birth, it can occur as the child grows, and it often occurs during puberty or later on. Myopia increases with age.

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The person with hypermetropia has a weak sight both for far and near, because his eyes make a permanent visual effort and get tired more quickly than normal. Visual difficulties occur prematurely, at first when reading, writing, during any activity in the near sight, and then in the long sight.

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Astigmatism represents a frequent eye condition, in which the main symptom is blurred vision both for far and near sight. It is usually congenital, but it can also occur throughout the lifetime, in a condition called keratoconus, following a serious eye infection or trauma.

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In Ama Optimex Ophthalmology clinic, founded in 1991, we perform over 25.000 consultations per year.


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Ama Optimex Ophthalmology Clinic, founded in 1991, is equipped with modern equipment of the highest technological level.


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